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Raimondo al Capo del Capo



Incredible conditions for Raimondo during Capo del Capo


June the 2nd, the Capo del Capo, the most prestigious Italian wave competition ended. And while Italy isn’t necessarily famous for its waves, the Mediterranean certainly delivered this weekend. It seemed that a waiting period is the way to go for these kinds of competitions, and more and more organizers are doing the same thing.

Perfect conditions for Capo del Capo

The ultimate winner was Francisco Porcella, while Raimondo Gasperini was one of the invited riders and made it to the top 8, settling on 6th position in the end. The event was held at Capo Mannu, Sardignia, and judges looked at style, positioning on the wave, wave choice, risk and execution of the different moves. During the race, 16 finalists went out in two groups, each getting 45 minutes to demonstrate their skills. While Francisco Porcella did well in the first heats, he was truly invincible during the final heat: incredible aerials made him a deserving winner. Gabriele Serra got the second place, while local Matteo Spanu was awarded a third place:


1st Francisco Porcella
2nd Gabriele Serra
3rd Matteo Spanu
4th Emanuele Argiolas Cagliari
5th Federico La Groce
6th Raimondo Gasperini
7th Andrea Franchini
8th Renato Vitale


Raimondo with Gabriele Serra (r)
and Matteo Spanu (l)

So Ray, were you satisfied with your result?

“I’m quite satisfied with the result, with a little ‘more luck’ I could’ve gotten in with the first 4, but already being among the eight finalists in this competition is amazing and I’m stoked. I did my best as always, I arrived okay, and 6th place is alright with me because I really enjoyed myself out there, and that’s super rare when you do a competition. Did you see some of the stuff the other riders were doing?”
Serious fun during competition

What equipment did you use?

“In the first heat the wind was quite strong, so I relied on my Quad IQ 77 with fins set by the wind side off, bent over the table beautifully, very radical. When the wind died down a little I took out my Kode 86; it’s very well behaved, and less radical. But in the curves it is ultraprecise for me, which allowed me to aim for big aerials and goiters.”

Kode as a precision tool.



What do you think of the conditions that you faced?

“These conditions were some of the most beautiful I have ever faced during a contest. Giant Mediterranean waves, some of them mast high, perfectly smooth elastic side-off wind, allowing me to surf at ease and break the lip. A career highlight! I’d like to say Hi to all windsurfers out there as well.”

“Ciao” from Raimondo

All pics by Adele Friola and F. Lamela

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